About Meri Deewar

From the time man began painting the insides of caves, art became an important element of our lives. It evolved with us, as the creative language of the world in different media. The walls have become showcases and canvases of spectacular pieces of art.
Everything that adorns our walls is a reflection of who we are, and what we believe in. The walls that surround us come alive almost with a spirit of their own. They speak through our expression, with colours, memories and inspirations that are a part of us. Walls have character. Walls have an identity. While people make walls, walls shape people as well. Walls build personality. You carry your personality with you, everywhere from home to office, gym to a restaurant, car to a cafe or even your facebook wall too. 
At Meri Deewar, we help you reach that perfect piece of art for every wall, which resonates with you and how you would like your space to feel. It could be something that inspires you, or something that makes you smile, or says something about your beliefs. We are constantly collating a diverse collection of paintings, digital art, murals and wall art around various themes. We use state-of-the-art production to ensure that you get the best quality, vibrant colours and high durability product. We have special art printers which produce art prints that can last for over a 100 years.
Our team works round the clock experimenting and fusing new ideas to bring you a unique selection to choose from. We also get in touch with the best of artists to ensure that their work reaches you.
If you are an artist, architect or interior designer, we’d love to have an opportunity to collaborate and explore new ideas. We not only have a showcase but also connect passionate people. Join the creative community. 
At MeriDeewar, we’re on a mission to make every wall beautiful. We’re here to build a rich and thriving community of art and happier people.