Easy yet important guide for Kids Room Decor!

by Admin MD on Oct 06, 2018

Easy yet important guide for Kids Room Decor!

When we talk about Interior design or ideas for kids room then one have to really go in to the kid mode first. As a parent we want to make home beautiful but also at the same time kid should enjoy their space.

Definitely, Every child is special and so they have special and unique choices. So there can not be a thumb rule for interior design or wall art design ideas for kids room. As a parent we want our kids to be happy kid and we try our best to provide great environment around them.

Whether they tell you or not but every child always has their own space and inclination also way to react to what comes in front of them. Mostly all mothers are aware of their child's interest.

So when it comes to decorate kids room parent need to understand kids interest and choices first. Before going for decorating kids room on our own, each parent must answer One important question

What makes my kid Happy, Joyful and Curious?

The decor ideas to design kids room will be the answers of your question. Parent can go around the market place to find out best of your child's favourite properties.

Whether we are 5 or 50 years old, Art inspires us most. Thanks to all illustrators, Poets, Authors, Film makers and such contributors who transformed our world in to a beautiful place. Let's provide these art forms to our kids. Make them happy, joyful, thoughtful, curious, and even surprise them with all flavours of art forms. Help them to find their inspiration through art.

We as a parent can create beautiful world around our kids. Which will always help them to be happy, motivated and joyful.

So what inspires our kid? 

Most attractive elements for kids are Colour, Shape, Sound, and Pattern. 


Colour they see around, colour of Blue Sky, Green leaves, Red flowers, Black starry night and so many. The tint tone and shades of colours actually play role in the kids liking. Soft tones to dark shades adds beauty in the aesthetics of kids room decor.



World is full of shapes and forms. Triangular mountain is the first sketch that kids usually go for. Kids also gets attracted to Animals and few animals creates special place in their heart. Jumbo size elephant raises kid's eyebrows and cylindrical tall neck of Giraffe makes them laugh. Full Moon to crescent moon shapes have always attracted kids. So having beautiful artwork representing favourite animal and shapes would be another good option for kids bedroom.




Many rhymes have bird chirping sounds as kids always get attracted towards them. Also listening to sound created by Cars, Trains, Musical instruments, Animals, Tides makes our kids happy and excites them very much. Use of such art work in kids room or in classrooms makes them happy.


Zebra and Tiger always have special place in kids room interior design because of the patterns. One gets attracted towards patterns very quickly as patterns have rhythm inside. Piano keyboard, Clouds and Stars in the sky these patterns are also great options for your baby room home interior. 



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